Kite Surfing Rentals

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In our spot you have a lot of reasons to leave your kite and windsurfing equipment:

If you are a kitesurfer our spot is the closer to the kitezone area 300 meters, we help you to take off your kite.
if you lose your kiteboard we don't stop the search untill we find it.
we transfer you to the kitezone
if you need to be resqued we can see you inmediately
We are the first spot of Psalidi so the windy days in our club the wind starts from the beach
You can feel safe because we have 2 rescuing boats and a watchtower for your safety
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All the equipment is rrd. In the prices is included harness, lifejacket, wetsuit and helmet.
In all the rentals of kite surfing we are responsible for your safety and resque  and your transfer from your hotel to kite zone and back.



 34 kites       passion-mk8-orange-gray-white-home-1





 14 boards     placebo v6 home






Kite Surfing Rental price

  • 2 hours  50.00 €
  • 1 day     70.00 €
  • 4 days 200.00 €
  • 7 days 260.00 €
  • 9 days 300.00 €


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