Windsurf, Wingfoil & Kite Lessons

Learn kiteboarding safely with I-K-O instructors

I-K-O is the international kite surfing organisation.
it’s very easy anyone can do it.
  • full insurance
  • boat lessons
  • safe beach
  • meltemi wind
  • walkie talkie coaching
  • private lesson
  • group lesson

speaking language

  • english
  • russian
  • german
  • france
  • spanish
  • greek


L1 see the wind contitions and find safe spot for kiting
  • flying a trainer kite
  • learn the wind window
  • learn to use the safety system
  • flying hooked a`4 line kite
  • learn the international communication signals
L2 enter and exit the water independently
  • water relanch
  • first body drag downwind
  • body drag upwind one hand
  • body drag with the board
  • learn the safety rules and thr theory for water start
  • put the board on the feet and the correct position for
  • water start