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  • APRIL  &  MAY 200€
  • JUNE 220€


Windzone WindSurfing & Kitesurfing Club located in Psalidi Kos Island




The club is located where the famous Meltemi blows every day and it's ready to offer enjoyment to all surfing fans, at an absolutely stunning beach in the area of Psalidi near Kos Town. The club was created by 2 friendsFB IMG 1419506856067 agis FB IMG 1419612293191 george who wanted their dream to become reality. At a peaceful environment you can truly enjoy the rides on the surfing boards no matter what your surfing skills is. Enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing with all your heart in picturesque Greece with the infinite blue sky as a background.

2019 closing day  31 / 10

   2018-2019 boards model

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    • Rentals: windsurfing-kitesurfing by RRD

  • Lessons:kitesurfing- only private for your safety in low prices
  • Lessons: windsurfing privet or small groups of 2 persons
  • Equipments Storage
  • The nearest surf center from Kipriotis village , Ramira beach , Hippocrates , Panorama , Sun palace..
  • Mini bar with chilled out music and alot of relaxing areas facing the sea.
  • BBQ - events
  • The team of WindZone is ready to offer you one of the best Surf-holidays you ever had.
  • Through methodical work, in a very short time we have reached into the hearts of all those that visited us.
  • Our success is based on 3 actions
  • Good Service                                     
  • Friendly environment                                   
  • Good equipment quality  
  • free wi-fi at ramira kite center
  • free transfer all day
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Our working hours are from 10am to 7pm every day,

Our strength is your respect and friendship for us, with your help and support we succeeded to strengthen our club with Kiteboarding, Sup and update the quality of our equipment and facilities.

If you decide to visit our island for your Surf-holidays don't forget to pay us a visit and taste what real GREEK HOSPITALITY really means.   iwindsurfing greece

The owners and staff of WindZone wish you 



                                                              AGIS - GEORGE        

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2019 sails kites and boards from rrd

 2019 kites & boards 


 2018 kite religion  2018 kite vision
 2018 rrd placebo new  blis new


2019 boards & sails 

2018 fitesrtorm

 firestrm ltd 101lt 112lt 123lt 

 2018 firemove

firemove 100ltd  110ltd 120ltd 



freestyle wave 84ltd  90ltd 96ltd 104ltd 2018 


move mk5 5.2 5,7 6,2

2018 move

style pro mk5 4,0 4,4 4,8 5,2 5,7

2018 style pro


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To ensure maximum performance our sails from 3.4 to 6.8 in category freestyle wave are rigged with SKINNY MASTS 80% carbon rrd and booms prolimit {teamwave} Freerace - freeride sails from 5.7 to 8.5 are rigged with cdm/rdm mast 80%and 100% carbon with booms vgrip prolimit